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Incorporated in the state of Texas in 2011, “Grow Gospel Initiatives” is a tax-exempt, non-profit trust. With its office in Richardson, Texas, it is governed by a board of trustees. The primary objective of “Grow Gospel Initiatives” is to start new churches in South Asia—India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

William J Subash serves as the chief point person of “Grow Gospel Initiatives.” Subash is the lead pastor of the Crossroad Church in the city of Bangalore and serves as New Testament professor at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) and associate professor (online) at Liberty University, Virginia.


William Subash delivered most of these sermons at Crossroad Church, where he serves as its pastor. This collection contains both standalone and series topics. They are all pastoral sermons. Outlines are included for all sermons. Please send feedback to Subash at


We train church planters through a yearlong “church-based church-planting training.”  All church planters undergo one-two years of paid internship. Following their internship, they choose the city where they feel called, and “Grow Gospel Initiatives” help them for three-five years.

The following churches were started in the past six years: Crossroad Bangalore, Crossroad South, Crossroad East, New Covenant Church, Krus Ko Sandesh, Hindi Crossing, Naya Jeevan, Crossroad Mokonchung, Crossroad Vizag, Christ Gospel Church, Crossroad Chandigarh, and Hosamarga.

Crossroad Church, Bangalore

William and his wife, Alice, pioneered this church in north Bangalore in October 2012. Presently, it serves as the main platform to train church planters and sending church. Modelled after the Church at Antioch (cf. Acts 11:13), the Crossroad Church functions with four guiding principles namely: (1) break down the barriers, (2) Gospel-centered, (3) deeply biblical, and (4) on Great Commission through church planting. The Crossroad Church emphasizes greatly on (1) theological clarity, (2) missional innovations, and (3) cultural engagement. It is elder managed, and pastor led non-charismatic church that holds to reformed soteriology.

Crossroad South Bangalore

Benjamin and Rashmi Stephen pioneered “Crossroad South” in June 2017. Prior to pioneering this new plant, they served the Crossroad Church as its associate pastor for five years. Both Benji and Rashmi come from south Bangalore. Right from its beginning, the Crossroad South emphasizes church planting. As a prelude to planting this church, they started “Crossroad Café” as a missional platform. It provides them with unlimited opportunities to reach out to their neighbors. Pastor Benji is a business consultant and educator.

New Covenant Church, New Delhi

Navin and Blessy Thomas have planted “The New Covenant Church” in North Delhi in March 2019. While they were in Bangalore as seminary students, they joined for a yearlong internship at the Crossroad Church. Both Navin and Blessy have background in banking and education. They are uniquely positioned to reach out to the large student community in north Delhi. Their gathering place is in the vicinity of fifteen top-rated colleges and a university campus. This is probably the main hub where students from all over south Asia come for their education in government, politics, and journalism.

Krus Ko Sandesh - NEPAL

In July 2016, Narayan and Isha planted Krus Ko Sandesh in Kathmandu Nepal. During his seminary years in Bangalore, Narayan joined Crossroad Church for two years as a church planting intern. As a young couple, Narayan and Isha attract a large number of young people of Kathmandu to their church. Narayan’s desire is that Krus Ko Sandesh will serve as a platform to train church planters for Nepal and northern parts of India and Bhutan where Nepali is the main language. Because of his association with strategic seminaries of Kathmandu, Narayan is able to attract talented church planters.

Hindi Crossing - Bangalore

In the year 2016, we launched Hindi Crossing in north Bangalore to reach out to Hindi speaking, floating migrant community. They gather at the same place where Crossroad Church is meeting. Ashish Chougule is the pastor of this church. Ashish and his wife, Naina, come from north India. It has a great potential to reach out to the security guards, construction workers, and domestic helpers, for the majority of them come from northern India. A good number of them are receptive to the Gospel

Crossroad Bangalore East

Jerome and Priscilla Christopher completed their two-year internship in May 2019. Along with a small group of willing members of the Crossroad Church, they are now launching Crossroad East. They had their first core-group gathering in June 2019. East Bangalore is home for a large number of IT companies. Over 70 percent of the people who come to East Bangalore are young engineers and entrepreneurs. With his background in IT for many years, Jerome is able to sympathize with the people of East Bangalore.

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From 2012 we have been training church planting aspirants, church leaders, rural pastors with a yearlong informal training. We use a material called “Training Center for Church Planters.” It is popularly known as TCCP. Besides the English version, TCCP materials are now available in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, and Nepali. An average of 150-200 individuals finish this course. This is a giveaway initiative fully sponsored by TCCP, TX.


“Grow Gospel Initiatives” organizes short and long-term educational mission trips from North America and Canada to South Asia. Those who go on these trips get to experience south Asian culture first hand. We are making efforts to get these trips counted towards high school and college credits. Short-term trips last for eleven to fifteen days. Please contact William Subash for more details


“Grow Mercy Initiatives” is a holistic child development initiative that was started during the pandemic. It’s vision is: “To launch Mercy Centers throughout India for children from impoverished homes to provide them with education, after-school care, and holistic training and development.”

The mission of this initiative is “FELT” i.e., feed the children daily with one nutritious meal, educate them through school sponsorship and after-school program, love them and their family unconditionally, and transform their families and societies holistically.

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